command and conquer zero hour new cheats 100% working

Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour is strategy game made by EA Games in 2005. But still now it is the best strategy game based on the real world armies.

Unfortunately therStrategy Gamese are no official cheats announced by EA. But there some ways, by using them we can modify the game to use cheats,hints and more.

Generals Zero Hour Unlimited Money Cheat

Step 1: Go My Computer

Step 2: Go to My Documents

Step 3:Find "Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data" Folder and open it

Step 4: In "Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data", locate the file "Network.ini".

Step 5:Double click to open it and find the text "StartingCash = 50000". Change it to "StartingCash = 50000000" and save it by pressing Ctrl + S.

Step 6: Run Zero Hour, Play Skirimish or Lan. Select Maximum starting cash. Play and Enjoy.


If you cant find the text "StartingCash = 50000", then write it in the end of the "Network.ini".
This cheat only works when you play Offline. Like Skirimish or Campaign.

Generals Zero Hour Keyboard shortcut Keys

Here are all the useful keys one must know to make the game more easy and increase the winning rate.

  • Double Click a unit to select all units of a type on the screen.
  • Press "Q" to select all of your combat(not workers) units on the screen.
  • Double Press to select all of your combat units on the Map.
  • Press "W" to select all of your air combat units on the screen.
  • Double "W" press to select all of your air units on the Map.
  • Press "E" to select all units of the selected type on the screen.
  • Similarly, double press "E" to select all units of the selected type on the Map.
  • S - Stop
  • X - Serperate your units
  • Select A unit Double press E - Selects all units
  • V - Evacuate
  • A - Attack Mode
  • G - Guard Mode
list of all shortcut keys for specific army

Hotkeys for GLA

Build Binds

  • K- Worker 
  • B- Barrack 
  • U- Supply 
  • T- Stinger Site 
  • N- Tunnel Network 
  • A- Arms Dealer 
  • D- Demo Trap 
  • P- Palace 
  • M- Black market
  • O- Scud Storm 
  • C- Command center 
  • B- Rebel 
  • T- Terrorist 
  • I- Hijacker 
  • S- Saboteur 
  • G- RPG 
  • Y- Angry Mob 
  • J- Jarmen Kell (Sniper=N) 
  • O- Booby trap 
  • C- Capture Building(upgrade)
Arms Dealer

  • S- Scorpion 
  • V- Radar Van 
  • A- ToxinTractor 
  • M- Maurador 
  • L- Scud Launcher 
  • Y- Combat Cycle 
  • T- Technical 
  • U- Quad cannon 
  • B- Rocket Buggy 
  • O- Bomb Truck 
  • E- Battle Bus
  • K- Scorpion Rocket(upgrade)

Hotkeys for CHINA

Build binds 

  • D- Dozer 
  • R- Reactor 
  • B- Barrack 
  • U- Supply 
  • K- Bunker 
  • G- Gattlin Base 
  • A- War Factory 
  • I- I Center 
  • F- Airfield 
  • P- Propoganda 
  • T- Speaker Tower 
  • M- Nuclear missle 
  • C- Command center 
  • G- Red Guard 
  • I- (Mini Gunner (inf))
  • T- Tank Hunter 
  • A- Hacker (Disable building=D/Hack internet=I) 
  • B- Black Lotus (Capture building=C/Vehicle Hack=V/Cash Hack=K) 
  • S- (Superlostus (inf))
  • C- Capture Building(upgrade) 
War Factory
  • B- Battlemaster 
  • T- Troop Crawler 
  • A- (Assault Troop Crawler (inf)) 
  • G- Gattling Tank 
  • D- Dragon Tank 
  • I- Inferno Cannon 
  • E- ECM 
  • O- Overlord 
  • S- Listening outpost 
  • O- (Attack outpost (inf)) 
  • U- Nuke cannon 
  • C- Chainguns(upgrade) 
  • N- Napalm(Upgrade) 
  • G- MiG G
  • X- Helix X
  • A- Mig Armor(upgrade)
  • T-supply truck

Hotkeys for USA

Built Binds

  • D- Dozer 
  • R- Reactor 
  • B- Barrack 
  • U- Supply 
  • M- Patriot 
  • T- (laserturnet laser general)
  • I- Firebase 
  • A- War Factory 
  • F- Air Field 
  • Y- Strategy Center 
  • Z- Drop Zone 
  • P- Particle cannon 
  • C- Command center 
  • G- Ranger (M= machine gun/F=flash-bang 
  • M- Missle defender(Lock=L) 
  • N- Colonel Burton 
  • P- Pathfinder 
  • F- Flash-Bang(upgrade) 
  • C- Capture Building(upgrade)
War Factory
  • C- Crusader 
  • V- Humvee 
  • P- Paldin 
  • G- Avenger 
  • T- Tommanhawk 
  • A- Ambulance 
  • S- Sentry Drone 
  • M- Microwave Tank 
  • N- Sentry Drone Gun(upgrade) 
  • I- TOW(upgrade) 
  • T- Raptor 
  • B- Aurora Bomber 
  • C- Commanche 
  • F- Stealth Fighter 
  • P- Rocketpods(upgrade) 
  • O- Countermeasures(upgrade) 
  • L- Lasser Missels(upgrade) 
  • U- Bunker Buseter(upgrade)
  • S- (Stealthupgrade (air)) 
Supply center 
  • C- Chinook 
  • T- (Combat Chinook(air))

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