Cheat Codes for Commandos 1: Behind Enemy Lines


Here is a complete list of all the cheats, hints and FAQ's for Commandos Behind Enemy Lines from Commandos Series.  

Complete List of Cheats:

Enter into GOD Mode (Cheat Mode)

While playing the mission, type "GONZO1982" or "1982GONZO" if you have older version of the game (A red colored line will appear at the top left of the screen indicating that the god mode is active). Now press "Ctrl + I" to enter into God Mode (Invincibility).

Skip Current Mission:

To skip current mission press "Ctrl + Shift + N".

Teleport or Tele-Transport:

Teleport or Tele-transport means to move your commando to any desired location with the cursor. To do this, enable cheat mode. Select one of your commando. Move mouse to the location you want to transport and press "Ctrl + X".

Swim Every Where: 

This hint is only applicable to marine commando. Use the marine to put on suba gear. Then use teleport by pressing "Ctrl + X". Now you can swim underground without being noticed.

Trace User:

Enter cheat mode and press "Ctrl + V" to trace user.

Big Bang:

Big bang means destroy every thing. This is interesting cheat. To do this first enter cheat mode and then press "Ctrl + Shift + S" to destroy every thing.

Quick Save:

 While playing press "Ctrl + S" to quickly save the current state of the game without going to option menu.

Transport Truck, Tank to any location:

Only Driver can do this trick. Use him to get into any vehicle, tank or any other thing. Once he is in, move mouse cursor to desired location and press "Ctrl + X" to transport.

Mission & Level Code:

Here are the Level codes with the highest military honors.

Level 2: YJJXB

Level 3: 4FQBF

Level 4: 5DNCQ

Level 5: 6S5TL

Level 6: AT1WN (maybe ATIWN)

Level 7: 09VJ8 (maybe O9VJ8)

Level 8: WQ9XB

Level 9: Q2AXT

Level 10:TUGPD

Level 11:9WODW

Level 12:UVHDC

Level 13:FBK48

Level 14:WA8DW

Level 15:KEWD3

Level 16:R7IP3

Level 17:FXIMV

Level 18:ZZMJV

Level 19:8HCWIN

Level 20:C7KWW

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