Cheats for Commandos Beyond the Call of Duty

Commandos Beyond the Call of Duty
Playing Commandos is very much hard and can become headache for many gamers. Many people love playing games without cheats because if one play Commandos without cheat, he is the genious becasue commandos game is very hard especially Commandos Beyond the call of duty. To complete the game in days instead of months, there are cheats available for commandos.  Complete list of cheat is given below.

13+  |  Action |  Real-time tactics  | 
Ratings: 8.0/10 from 138 users

Initial release date: October 14, 2003
Series: Commandos
Developer: Pyro Studios
Genres: Real-time tactics
Publishers: Eidos Interactive, Feral Interactive
Platforms: Microsoft Windows XP,7,8, Mac OS

Cheat and Codes For Commandos Beyond The Call of Duty

To Enter Cheat mode Select any commando and type "gonzoopera" and enter one of the following cheats
Cheat Action Cheat Code
Invincibility (Bullet Proof)Ctrl + I
TeleportShift + X
Destroy all enemies (big bang)Ctrl + Shift + X
Next MissionCtrl + Shift + N
Trace userShift + V
Destroy everythingCtrl + Shift + X
InvisibilityCtrl + I
Mission editorCtrl + E or Shift +E
Select video modeShift + F1 through F4
Edit "memlin.dat" fileAlt + Shift + L
Edit "memact.dat" fileAlt + Shift + M

Mission Level Passwords

Mission Level English German
Dying Light Mission 1No CodeNo Code
The Asphalt Jungle Mission 2YBN9JWNNOV
Dropped Out Of The Sky Mission 3XAPIB3LRVL
Thor's Hammer Mission 4QDOAU
Guess Who's Coming Tonight Mission 5IIWAY68EKF
Eagle's Nest Mission 6EW82MHK1YJ
The Great Escape Mission 7SJ8S1XGBNS
Dangerous Friendships Mission 8V6J27YRGOV

Hints and Tricks

Dive On Land
This is very interesting trick to make diver dive on land. First select diver and take him near water so he can wear his diving equipments. Once he is done, enter cheat mode and move mouse on land and press Shift + X to dive on land.


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