Cheat Codes For Commandos 3: Destination Berlin PC Game

Commandos 3: Destination Berlin Cover
Commandos 3: Destination Berlin is one of the best startegy game of old time. But still there is no lack of its lovers around the world. I am going to share some useful cheat codes and hints for Commandos 3 destination berlin below.

Complete List of Cheats For Commandos 3: Destination Berlin

Enable Cheat Mode (GOD MOD)

There are three ways you can enter into God Mod or Cheat Mod:
  • Method 1. During in a mission type "SOYINCAPAZ" or "soyincapaz" to enable cheat mode.
  • Method 2. While playing select any commando and type "SOYINCAPAZ" or "soyincapaz" to enable/activate cheat mode.
  • Method 3. During game press and hold "Ctrl" and type "SOYINCAPAZ" to activate cheat mode.
  • P.S. There will be no confirmation of Cheat mode.


Action Cheat Code
Invincibility (Will not die)Ctrl + I
Invisibility (become invisible)Ctrl + V
Destroy all enemies (big bang)Ctrl + Shift + X
Mission skipCtrl + Shift + N
Place selected commandos under the pointerShift + X
Display frame rateCtrl + Minus

Mission Codes For Commandos 3

Mission 1  NS2B7
Mission 2  GMD1T
Mission 3  NMD15
Mission 4  YDNCQ

Commandos 3 Hints

1. Killing groups of enemies

Try to kill enemy soldiers in a group by throwing grenades or a Molotov cocktail. They can be obtained from the boxes that are lying around. Position a sniper at the top of the post and kill enemy soldiers. Kill the soldiers who are coming near the building.

2. Unlimited ammunition

Use the following trick in "Storm the Beach" in the Normandy campaign and in the "Ambush The Convoy" mission in the Central Europe campaign. Select one your men and pick up a submachine gun or assault rifle from a dead soldier. Drop it from your inventory in front of an ally. Let him pick up that weapon. Notice he has that particular weapon. This weapon has unlimited ammo. Do not give weapon directly to ally, as it will not enter his inventory.

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